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Spartan Helmet Adult

Spartan Helmet Adult


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This is Sparta!

The Spartan Helmet - Adult gives you a chance to dress up as one of these fierce warriors of old. The Spartans were tough fighters in Ancient Greece who didn't back down from any challenge. They enjoyed soaring popularity in the mid-2000s thanks to the movie "300" and its depiction of these soldiers as courageous and fearless, even in the face of certain doom. Since then, Spartans have been a favorite costume for many to wear.

  • Includes: One Spartan helmet with a Greek design and black faux fur.
  • Material: Polyester, cotton, synthetic fiber.

Strong in body, heart and mind!

With the Spartan Helmet, you can don the headgear worn by these fearsome warriors when they went into battle with powerful foes. This helmet has an awesome Greek design on the faceplate and a fringe of black fur going across the top and back, just like the Spartan soldiers from ancient times. If you already have the outfit, sandals and a spear to carry around with you, the helmet is a great way to put the finishing touch on your costume. When you're wearing the helmet and the rest of your costume, you'll be transported back to feeling like a Spartan in olden times. Work on perfecting your Spartan accent so once you're out and about, people will think you walked right off the set of "300". If you have friends who also appreciate these fearless fighters, have them join your army of one and go out and conquer the Persians - er, parties you attend.

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