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Death's Dagger

Death's Dagger


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A weapon of myth and dark ritual

It's a cold and moonless night as hooded figures gather deep in the graveyard. Barely a word is exchanged between them. They've waited so long, spoke of this night so often, that now that it has finally arrived, there is nothing left to be said. Finally, at the stroke of midnight, the final among them arrives, bringing with him the ceremonial Death's Dagger. The Grim Reaper is known for his long bladed scythe, but for those adversaries too strong for regular weaponry, he has the dagger at his side. It is a legend, a scary story to tell children - and yet here it is. The ritual can finally begin.

  • Includes: One plastic dagger with antique details.

This wonderfully creepy accessory (approximate measurements: 16.5" long x 5" wide) is intricately designed, all nasty sharp-looking edges and strange, mystical designs. This makes it a perfect prop for a scary movie or theater production. Or the perfect touch to a creepy costume. Add a hood and maybe some skeleton fingers and it's ideal for a spooky night on the town, whether you're creeping out your friends, haunting the neighborhood, or trying to summon a demon or two.

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