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Spartan Warrior Adult Costume

Spartan Warrior Adult Costume


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The glory of Sparta is yours!

The ancient warriors of Sparta lived and died by a code of honor and you're ready to take the pledge, at least for Halloween. Dressed in this Spartan Warrior Adult Costume, you'll slip on the warrior lifestyle and pledge to defend Sparta with your life. As a Spartan, you know the importance of military training, a code of excellence and dying with honor. Wars are your life blood, and you live for victory in places with names you can't even pronounce. Have you been to Peloponnesia lately? March out into the Halloween night with your head held high, knowing that you are descended from the gods. All the candy you survey will be yours for the taking, since no one is going to fight a Spartan for some chocolate! Be careful not to eat to many sweets, though: Sparta demanded that its warriors maintain peak military fitness. This costume looks great for dramatic performances or any day you feel like conquering the world. Just armor up and do battle the way any decent Spartan would.

  • Includes: A cape with medallion closure, wrap garment with attached belt, armored helmet and faux-leather wrist cuffs.
  • Does Not Include: Shield, Sword or Sandals.

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