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Foam Bouffant Wig/Hat

Foam Bouffant Wig/Hat


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Some things never go out of style

Most people think of the fifties and sixties as the era when the bouffant hairstyle became popular, and can even recall first lady Jackie Kennedy bringing the style into the mainstream. However, bouffant hair is nothing new, even Marie Antoinette rocked the style in the grandeur of the Ancien Regime. This campy Foam Bouffant Wig Hat is the perfect addition to any small comedy theater troupe, or for smaller performances. It's cartoony effect will set the stage for unreal, zany humor suspended somewhere between animation and reality. Sans all the sticky hairspray and backcombing, this crazy wig will deliver the point amid hilarious laughter and side-splitting howls. Dish it up with some bright blue eyeliner and orange lipstick for that fifties feel, or go with the mod look from the sixties, with pale lips and layer on the liner and lashes. Add in some vintage rhinestone cat glasses and beads and you'll be all set to reinvent those days gone by. The jukebox, drugstore sodas and the mini-skirt all came into style in these years, along with a gloss of earnest fun that makes for hours of endless camp! Excellent for Halloween, era theme parties, or cosplay, this crazy wig is camera and video ready for some surreal selfless and hilarious memories! Remember to pick up a wig cap to hold up your hair, then go work it, girl!

  • Includes: Wig.
  • Does Not Include: Sunglasses, scarf or top.

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