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Star Wars: Darth Vader Mask

Star Wars: Darth Vader Mask


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Let your inner dark side out

We'll be the first to say it: Being good is overrated, and Darth Vader was most definitely on to something. Intergalactic power, a gravely voice, able to get away without saying please or thank you, an awesome metallic face...yupp, he was sure doing things right. And so can you! With the Star Wars: Darth Vader Mask, you invoke the spirit of the galaxy's biggest caper - at least for the night - and get away with all those things you always wanted to do. Belting out your favorite Backstreet Boys track on the karaoke? Go ahead, nobody will tell Darth Vader to sit down. Always wanted to dance the robot without feeling embarrassed? Do it - it's what Darth was born to do (along with enslaving the universe).

  • Includes: One Darth Vader mask.
  • Measurements: Approximately 6.5"W x 10"L.
  • Material: Plastic.

The man in black ready for a night on the town

Shine your suit, grab your lightsaber, and get ready to leave the Death Star for a night on the town. Accompanied by your iconic soundtrack, the Imperial March, you'll be the baddest man in town, the one nobody will stand in the way of. Stand tall and proud, this night is all about you. There might be an awkward family reunion if Luke or Leia Skywalker are also out for the evening, but don't let that distract you from what you're all about, which is having fun, being intimidating, and taking no prisoners.

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