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Round Flashing Safety Light

Round Flashing Safety Light


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Remember that safety always comes first!

Answer this question quickly: What's the most dangerous thing about staying out at night? Is it that a monster may eat you or that a vampire may get your blood? Actually, it's none of those things. The real danger is that you may not remain visible to others on the road -- unless you have the Round Flashing Safety Light costume accessory. Whether you're trick-or-treating on Halloween or walking your dog on any given evening, wearing this small safety light ensures drivers, pedestrians and other animals know where you are and won't run into you. It can even become a great way to strike up a conversation with another biker or runner. Therefore, not only will this light keep you safe when you're exploring the great outdoors after sunset; it will also help you meet a new friend. Measuring at 1.5 inches in diameter, this lightweight lamp is battery-powered and easy to attach to anything with its handy clip.

  • Includes: One safety light.

Attach this useful accessory onto backpacks, messenger bags, helmets, shirts, dog collars, bicycles, mopeds, and more. Turning it on and off is quick and simple by using just a small push of the button.

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