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Cleopatra Headpiece

Cleopatra Headpiece


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Reincarnate the reincarnation of the Egyptian goddess!

A certain mystique surrounds Cleopatra that has ensured that she's remembered more fondly than any other Egyptian pharaoh, and the Cleopatra Headpiece allows you to embody this former ruler at your next Halloween party! Cleopatra was the last of the great pharaohs of Egypt, and she was seen as the pure embodiment of an Egyptian goddess. Sure, there might be some cool zombies, werewolves or even Avengers at your next costume party, but they've got nothing on a true-to-life Egyptian goddess!

  • Includes: One golden beaded headpiece that will fit great on adults and kids alike.

This golden headpiece goes perfectly with a variety of dresses to fully capture Cleopatra in all of her glory. Snag a good male friend to come along as Julius Caesar, and you can attend your costume party as the Brangelina, Bennifer, or any other famous "super couple" of the Ancient Egyptian world. Juliopatra? Don't worry, the costumes will go over much better than the terrible nickname. Or if you're ready to go solo, you'll definitely have the blessing of the Egyptian goddess who had to fend for herself after the murder of all of her suitors. Either way, you'll rule the party as the former femme fatale ruled the ancient world.

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