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Genie Lamp

Genie Lamp


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Three wishes are only a lamp rub away!

You dream of slipping into harem pants and draping yourself in veils. You've watched enough "Aladdin" and "I Dream of Jeannie" that flying carpets and Major Nelson are not only part of your dreams, but you have learned quite few tricks of this particular magical trade. The one thing you need to make your costume complete is the Genie Lamp. This fun accessory is a conversation piece -- all you need to do is take it along to the party and watch people as they gravitate toward the one person in the room who might be able to grant their wishes. You!

  • Includes: One-piece plastic genie lamp with non-removable lid.
  • Measures 9" x 4.5"
  • Does Not Include: Harem costume, magical powers or living quarters inside.

While this genie lamp can't guarantee that money, fame, new cars or vacation homes will come the way of the requesters, it does add to the fun of the evening to hear the secret (and not-so-secret) desires of the people around you. In fact, you may have created one of the best party games of all time! So be sure to pick up this "must have" accessory and get ready to play.

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