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20" Brown Spider

20" Brown Spider


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Who's afraid of the big bad spider?

The 20" Brown Spider gives you a super spooky decoration for your front yard or living room. It's not surprising that some people have a serious fear of spiders, thanks to the creepy way they move and their ability to create giant webs to trap prey. Your average house spider is enough to frighten even grown adults, but this much bigger brown spider will downright terrify them. These are the ideal decorations to put up if you're tired of the usual ghost and pumpkin decorations.

  • Includes: One 20" brown spider with faux fur and 8 bendable legs.
  • Material: Metal, polyester, polystyrene foam, and polyurethane.

The not-so-itsy bitsy spider!

With the 20" Brown Spider, you'll have a great decoration for scaring people with. These critters have legs that can be moved around, so you can set them up in a variety of places. Put a couple of spiders on the trunk of a tree in your front yard, or have them waiting to greet your guests on the porch, along with some fake cobwebs. If you want to keep them inside and out of the rain, you can put them around the legs of your dining room chairs, climbing up the back of the couch or making their way up your staircase railing. You can also set up a pile of them near the door in a corner of the room to really creep your guests out. No matter where they end up, you're bound to have some startled friends and family members when you have these spiders around.

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