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30" Brown Spider

30" Brown Spider


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The creepiest creepy crawly decoration ever

The 30" Brown Spider is big enough to startle anyone who has the misfortune to run into it. Although they're not undead or paranormal, like zombies and ghosts, spiders make great Halloween decorations. Many people are afraid of these critters, even though they do good things like eat mosquitoes and other pesky bugs. With this big spider decoration, you can make friends and family members instantly terrified of these creatures.

  • Includes: One 30" brown spider with faux fur and 8 bendable legs.
  • Material: Metal, polyester, and polyurethane.

Not for the faint of heart or the arachnophobic!

Set a bunch of these 30" Brown Spider decorations around your home and yard to freak out neighbors, friends and family members. They'll also make trick or treaters think twice about coming up to your door. You can position these spiders on trees, your front porch or stoop and on bushes outside. Inside, you can have one climbing up the table, another one hanging out by the stairs and more of them scattered throughout your home. These spiders have bendable legs, so you can move them into different positions or have them clinging to railings or posts. Their large size makes them immediately noticeable and hard to look away from, especially if you have people around who can't stand the sight of normal house spiders. You can always reassure them that at least these spiders don't bite!

A creepy spin on Spider-Man!

If you want another use for these 30" Brown Spider decorations, you can put a different twist on the typical Spider-Man costume. Instead of dressing up as the superhero, bend one of these spiders around you to become a much scarier Spider Man character.

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