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Roman Helmet Adult

Roman Helmet Adult


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For the senate and the people of Rome!

Before you can shout "Hail Caesar!" with your Roman brothers-in-arms you will need to don this Roman Helmet Adult. Men who took up arms for the glory (and expansion) of Ancient Rome were a fierce and determined breed, highly trained and disciplined soldiers ready to fight to the death. Their skill on the battlefield came in no small part from their protective gear to be worn in times of combat, which would have included a helmet, or Galea, to withstand the blows of swords and spears.

  • Includes: One plastic helmet in silver, gold, and red.

This dramatic Roman Helmet is constructed to replicate Ancient Roman headgear and features a silver helmet emblazoned with a winged horse. The carved golden front-piece has scroll work along the ornamental visor and on either side of the helmet to protect the sides of the face in battle. The blood red crest at the top is a replica of Roman legionnaire's helmet, which were made of horsehair or plumes in ancient times. You will be prepared to help Rome rule supreme once again, as well as slay a few hearts on the dance floor when you wear this Roman Helmet!

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