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Ninja Spinning Blade

Ninja Spinning Blade


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The essential ninja accessory!

Night falls over the autumn landscape. Street lights flicker to life, as do house lights. The time is now - it is Halloween night, and your time to shine with the Ninja Spinning Blade. Children take to the streets in a multitude of costumes, laughing and going house to house, gathering candy, and celebrating the holiday. But you aren't quite like them. You selected not only your costume, but also your accessories with great care. Accessories like this wicked spinning blade. This toy weapon goes with any sort of ninja or warrior costume, making it indispensable to any true costumed fighter.

  • Includes: One 4 1/2-inch plastic toy weapon.

When you are rocking this Ninja Blade, you set yourself apart as a person who really knows how to pick the right accessories, and your friends and family are sure to notice at your next Halloween, costume or themed birthday party. The fact that it really spins is the icing on the cake, so to speak. With one or more of these epic accessories, you pull your entire costume together, so take to the trees, stay in the shadows, stalk and startle your friends, and get ready to have an unforgettably epic night!

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