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Skull Sickle

Skull Sickle


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Keep your head this Halloween!

Want to look like Death this Halloween? After all, it's the night when the Grim Reaper stalks every town, and graveyards spring to life, so it's hard to think of a better costume! But you need all the right tools for the job, and this Skull Sickle fits the bill for any particularly morbid costume. Give fellow party-goers the heebie-jeebies and give your outfit a distinctively deathly feel with this cool accessory, featuring a black plastic staff at about shoulder height, topped off with a truly creepy skull with an open mouth, and an equally spooky tailbone that looks like the hand of the scythe. If your heart is set on an eerie outfit based on the long departed, this is the perfect accompaniment to any spine-chilling Grim Reaper get-up! Scare the living daylights out of your nearest and dearest, and set off your deathly garb to perfection!

  • Includes: One plastic scythe ( 47" long) with a skull accent and weathered details. For Ages 8+.
  • Does Not Include: Costume or any other accessories.

This very low-maintenance Skull Sickle is robust enough to last a few fancy dress sessions, and can also be used for other dressing-up events, like costume parties and cosplay events, as well as Halloween.

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