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Spider Earrings

Spider Earrings


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There's nothing quite as spine-tingling as a big, hairy spider -- except two big, hairy spiders!

Spiders are a type of creature that drives folks to scream irrationally and run away -- even just the tiny ones. With such a potent fear factor, spiders are an ideal accessory for any Halloween bash or creepy theme party. So, the Spider Earrings are a great choice here. If a little spider can do the job, a massive, furry earring should really get people's attention. Just be warned: if you have any friends that suffer from arachnophobia, you may cause them to faint.

  • Includes: A pair of creepy, crawling earrings.
  • Material: Metal, plastic.
  • Care instructions: Wipe clean.

Location is the key to success -- even for spiders

What's great is that these spiders not only work well as earrings thanks to the design and gorgeous black rhinestones, but they can also be a great Halloween decoration. So, if using them as a decoration, make sure to place them in the most terrifying positions. Tie an earring to a string and have it drop in front of your guests as they walk in the door for a frighteningly good way to get the party started! The applications of these large spiders are most definitely creepy but not in any way limited. From graveyards to coffins, bathtubs to table centerpieces -- even the back of your bathroom door would make a very fitting spot for your terrifying spider to add to your evening. Get creative and have a blast.

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