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Wired Witch Hat

Wired Witch Hat


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A wickedly wonderful hat for any witch!

The Wired Witch Hat is the ideal way to complete your witch costume. It may be a pointy black hat, but it is as crooked as a witch's nose and the perfect black cherry to top off your ensemble. From the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz to generic witches in spooky stories, you can immediately recognize these characters by their hats. This hat puts a creative spin on the typical hat by letting you decide how crooked, or evil, your witch will be.

  • Includes: One black hat with wired rim.
  • Material: Polyester, wire.

Cast a spell in style!

With the Wired Witch Hat, you can look graceful yet ghoulish as you make a grand entrance at a Halloween party or sweep into a costume party. You can also wear this hat, along with a witch's costume, to spooky events, haunted attractions or other ghostly places. Rather than being a no-frills hat with a point that sticks straight up in the air - like the noses of those haughty witches to the east - the point on this hat will give you the edge to capture everyone's attention. This sleek black witch hat has a wired rim so you will not have to worry about it getting bent out of shape, no matter how long you wear it for. Besides, Halloween is your day to rule. Just set it on your head and you'll be ready to jump on your broomstick and head off into the night.

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