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Gold Bangles

Gold Bangles


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Dazzle the crowd with an armful of glitter!

Gold Bangles lend themselves to many occasions. You'll find that these lightweight bracelets are the perfect finishing touch for almost any costume you choose. Be the dashing pirate queen for your next Halloween party, or adorn yourself for Mardi Gras with these glittering golden circles. They will clink and clatter, jingle and jive to the beat of a thousand drums, or tinkle gently to accentuate the sounds of swaying palms. You can party hearty and dance the night away as an energetic jitterbugger, or shimmy and shake with a gentler island spirit! Let your imagination roam free and pile these glittering beauties all on one arm, or split them up to add drama and excitement on each wrist. The 8-inch circumference aluminum bangles are slender and feminine, but they'll give any costume a million-dollar impact. It'll be anybody's guess whether you discovered a hidden treasure chest, or secured the booty by employing your own abundant charms.

  • Includes: A set of 50 lightweight, gold-tone aluminum bangles.

One thing is certain: These bangles will become your go-to accessory for any fun and frivolous occasion. You might just find yourself grabbing a few of them for your next informal backyard barbecue, and a handful would be perfect for a neighborhood pool party. No need to keep them hidden away until Halloween!

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