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Star Wars Padme Blaster

Star Wars Padme Blaster


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I have no time for you now, I must first liberate the planet

Queen of Naboo and wife of the legendary Anakin Skywalker, you're the mother of two of the most important heroes in intergalactic history. Known far and wide for your grace, beauty and charm, you're also pretty handy with the old pulse firing light blaster. Capable of working in 'stun' mode so as not to kill its victims, the Padme light blaster is among the most coveted weapons in the universe. This year, make sure your Padme battle costume is complete with the Star Wars Padme blaster. Whether you're defending yourself from the notorious bounty hunter known as Aurra Sing on the planet of Alderaan or fighting of Lolo Purs on the infamous Coruscant docks, this blaster is sure to keep you safe and sound and looking good. Featuring a sleek white body with orange details, the Star Wars Padme blaster makes stellar noises every time you shoot, guaranteeing that you'll vanquish your enemies on the basis of fear alone. So go ahead, protect your name and that of your family. When you put on your best all-white battle gear, twist your hair up into some futuristic braids and holster your shiny new Star Wars Padme blaster, you're ready for anything the galaxy might bring your way.

  • Includes: One Star Wars Padme Blaster.
  • Does Not Include: 2 AA batteries.
  • This is an officially licensed Star Wars product.

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