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Latex Flesh Bald Cap

Latex Flesh Bald Cap


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We're all born bald, baby!

Thanks to this Latex Flesh Bald Cap costume accessory, you can transform completely into a whole new person! The possibilities of who you can become are endless! Go to your next Halloween party or another costume party this year as the evil Lord Voldemort from the "Harry Potter" series or the brave Captain Kirk from "Star Trek." Toss on a pawn-shop shirt, and you're Rick from the "Pawn Stars" show. Grab a gray, silly-looking jacket and put a small bald cap on a child relative in order to become Dr. Evil with your very own Mini-Me.

  • Includes: One latex, flesh-color bald cap.

Use a little spirit gum to attach the cap to your noggin, and you're ready to turn heads at your next big bash. If you're really adventurous, try on a huge diaper, a cute bonnet and your favorite pacifier to turn into the biggest baby in the world. However, bald outfits are not just for men. Put on some rugged clothing and snag a fake space rifle, and you can turn into Ripley from the "Alien." Grab a Guy Fawkes mask, and you're Evey from "V for Vendetta." No matter which outfit you settle on, this cap is essential.

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