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Sabre Tooth Necklace

Sabre Tooth Necklace


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Sink your teeth into this sharp necklace!

About two million years ago, sabre-toothed cats roamed North and South America. Although they were ferocious and predatory beasts, they have since died out--or have they? Your sabre tooth necklace may tell a different story, and there are so many tales you could spin. You could be a caveman, cave woman or Neanderthal in prehistoric times who has triumphed over a sabre-toothed cat, or you could be an archaeologist who has made the discovery of a lifetime. You could even be a modern-day adventurer who found a beast that scientists deemed long dead. Or dress up as a jungle dweller with an unquenchable desire for adventure! The necklace works great as part of a horror getup as well.

  • Includes: Necklace with beads and faux sabre teeth.

You can pair this faux sabre tooth necklace with a jumbo cave club, a Flintstones costume or much more. Add face paint to add the appropriate touch of ferocity or blood. You could easily be the most feared and admired person on the dance floor or at your next Halloween or costume party. This necklace also goes well with costumes that you can wear to sci-fi, fantasy or horror conventions.

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