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Disco Medallion

Disco Medallion


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Reunite yesteryear's exaggerated style with unapologetic fun

Remember back in the day, when a disco medallion was the must-have piece of bling worn around the necks of every dude on the disco scene? To achieve the authentic 70s disco look, the medallion is strongly recommended as the embellishment to complete the style. In order to pull off your retro-style, take another peek at movies like Saturday Night Fever, Grease and American Hustle, when everyone embraced the hippies-disco fashion with swag and matching charisma. Look for loud, shiny polyester shirts with bell-bottom pants and platform shoes to go with your medallion. The accessory is a signature link to the 70s era when disco styles pushed the boundaries from modest fashion to eccentric stylistic expressions.

  • Includes: One gold colored chain with an attached disco medallion.

Men's disco wear is most notable for their wide-collared printed shirts, bell-bottom pants and thick-heeled boots. It was accentuated with an equally wide-collared jacket and around the neck hung a thick gold chain attached to a circular ornament. For the best look, show the medallion by unbuttoning the top few buttons of the shirt, just enough to expose part of your chest. As "Disco Inferno" plays, turn up the shirt collar and walk into your 70s party, Halloween or casting event in fine style.

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