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Captain Hat

Captain Hat


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Be captain of any party, and take over the helm!

When you wear the Captain Hat, the night is yours. You can fashion immeasurable tales; are you a globe-trotting wealthy billionaire who steers into the sunset with a woman on his arm? Are you a weary seafarer, up for just one more adventure? Are you a jaunty playboy who worships the sun? You could be a cruise captain, or even the captain of a doomed, haunted ship sailing toward destruction. With a traditional captain's uniform, a sailor outfit or something more laid-back, the sea is yours! Bonus points for rustling up some "mateys" and going as a group!

  • Includes: Hat. For Ages 14+.
  • Does not include: Sunglasses.

This hat also works well at sci-fi, fantasy or horror conventions, depending on your costume. For example, you could be a robot, zombie or futuristic captain. Go for a theme with your friends and family; have them dress like pirates or sailors for a nautical touch. If you're throwing a bash on your boat or yacht, buy a few hats to hand out to your friends. Ditto if you're taking a cruise with friends or family - just be ready to start answering other passengers' questions because you'll look that authentic!

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