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British Pith Helmet

British Pith Helmet


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Brave the deep, dark jungles with the right headgear!

British pith helmets conjure up images of explorers setting out on safaris, along with the famous quote, "Dr. Livingston, I presume?" If you'll be dressing up a fearless explorer, make sure your outfit is complete with the right headgear. With the British Pith Helmet, you'll look like you're ready to explore uncharted territory. Whether you're looking for tigers, lost treasures, or a pack of velociraptors, all you'll need to do is throw on a matching khaki shirt and shorts, put on a pair of sturdy boots and grab your satchel and maybe a weapon or two, depending on which wild beats you'll be facing.

  • Includes: One helmet with khaki cloth overlay and artificial leather strap.
  • Does Not Include: Accessories or costume.

You can have all sorts of fun with the helmet by adding costume accessories to your outfit, such as an Indiana Jones style bull whip. You can even disguise yourself more by putting on a fake mustache and beard to look like you've been exploring the depths of the jungle for years. The helmet works well as part of a Halloween costume, but you can also wear it for other costumed events. Put it on, and set off on a daring adventure!

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