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Police Officer Moustache

Police Officer Moustache


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Pull over and buy this moustache, right now!

Put on this Police Officer Moustache with a pair of aviator shades and suddenly you're a state trooper. The badge and the gun are both fine accessories, but they don't mean a thing without this moustache. Grab the handlebars of this moustache and ride down the highway, giving speeding tickets away like they're candy. Or just give away real candy on Halloween dressed as an officer of the law. Don't get a reputation as a bad cop, wear this sweet mustache right now!

  • Includes: One self-adhesive brown moustache.
  • Does Not Include: Spirit Gum adhesive and remover, shirt and sunglasses.

Impersonate any of your movie and TV cop heroes from Super Troopers, Reno 911, or Cops. This handlebar moustache also comes in handy when you're dressing up as a member of a biker gang or a member of the Village People. You're sure to feel like a macho man when you wear this epic moustache. Whether its for a costume or a stage performance, this moustache completes the look and gives your character personality. Just make sure to accessorize with a police helmet and the rest of the ensemble when you're impersonating a law enforcement officer.

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