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Gunslinger Moustache

Gunslinger Moustache


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This is facial hair you could hang a 10 gallon hat on!

This amazing handlebar Gunslinger Moustache was seen on the hit TBS reality show, King of the Nerds, and it is perfect if you want to go all out with your wild West costume this Halloween. Great for handing out candy, sashaying across the dance floor or rustlin' up some grub 'round the ol' buffet table. Whether you're going as a brave Texas Ranger, a small town sheriff, a ruthless bounty hunter or a villainous bank robber, adding this serious mustache to your gunslinger costume will give it an air of Old West authenticity. And don't forget to show them you're the fastest gun in the wild, wild west! Or at least on your block.

  • Includes: Synthetic mustache, with adhesive backing.

  • Does Not Include: Hat, shirt, vest, or jacket.

Your gunslinger costume is bound to look more impressive when you add a huge handlebar mustache. Be the envy of all the smooth-faced greenhorns around you this Halloween as you dodge cattle stampedes, practice your trick shooting, or head the bad guys off at the pass. Unless of course you are the bad guy, in which case you'll want to avoid that pass.

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