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Machine Gun (Black)

Machine Gun (Black)


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For when you have to make someone an offer that can't be refused!

If you're a fan of gangster films, war movies, or cop shows, this is the perfect toy weapon to have. The Machine Gun (Black) accessory compliments a gangster, soldier, or SWAT officer outfit wonderfully. When you have this toy gun with you, you can walk around town pretending to be anyone from Don Vito Corleone to John Rambo. As you go trick-or-treat, converse at the Halloween costume party, or hang out at the masquerade ball, a group of enemy gangsters may come try to take you out. Make sure that these punks meet your little friend: this incredibly powerful machine gun. After disposing of the threat successfully, get back to having a good time and delegating orders to your minions. Because when you have this gun, you are the boss, regardless of whether you are in the police organization or the local crime syndicate.

  • Includes: One toy black tommy gun with brown accents and an orange tip - makes a gun noise when you pull the trigger.

This plastic accessory may not fool some folks on Halloween -- until you pull the trigger and it makes a loud pop! The noise this gun produces does make playtime a lot more fun. Go out and put it to good use!

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