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Deluxe Nerd Accessory Kit

Deluxe Nerd Accessory Kit


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All hail king of the nerds!

You've always had a respect for nerds. Sure, they are often portrayed as being extremely socially awkward and living in the basement, but who doesn't want to be thought of as a genius? Even in movies they always come out on top - getting the girl (sometimes creating the girl) and exacting revenge on those who deserve it. You are fairly certain that, in real life, nerds make the world go around. With the Deluxe Nerd Accessory Kit, this Halloween you will be ready to pay homage to all the great nerds. Sure, you are going to have some fun with the image, but if that means you rule the planet in the end - or at least the party - you are all for it.

  • Includes: A pair of black plastic glasses with tape in the middle, a black bow tie and pocket protector.
  • Does Not Include: White shirt, belt or black pants.

Upon securing that pocket protector, you may feel instantly smarter, craftier, and in the mood to enjoy a good role playing game. You should promise not to experiment with things like lightning strikes and know that filling the entire house from basement to attic with popped popcorn, while funny, probably won't get you invited back any time soon.

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  • Deluxe Nerd Accessory Kit

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