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Caveman Set Adult

Caveman Set Adult


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Let out your inner caveman

This Caveman Set Adult is the perfect costume for anyone who resonates more closely with Fred Flintstone than Fred Astaire. Not a fan of proper grammar? Could live without table manners? Happier carrying a club than a briefcase? Then this combo featuring an untamed shoulder-length wig and positively prehistoric beard and mustache is for you! Simply tuck your natural tresses under the wig, attach the beard, and before you know it you'll be discovering fire, inventing the wheel and beating off admirers with crudely-fashioned tools.

  • Includes: One bushy, tangled shoulder length wig and a matching beard with a moustache.
  • Does Not Include: Tunic.

The next time your friends say they want to go "clubbing," use this costume to remind them that to you clubbing is something done on a mastodon hunt, accompanied by loud grunts. In an age where the men's personal care product aisle is becoming rapidly overcrowded, show everyone how much fun it can be to let your inner caveman shine through. With this set you can skip the primping and preening before your next costume party and simply don this wig and beard to get the look that everyone will go wild for.

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