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Handcuff Necklace

Handcuff Necklace


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Get locked up!

If you want to bring a little bit of naughtiness to Halloween or a costume party this year, try wearing this Handcuff Necklace. The necklace features a small, elegant pair of handcuffs -- just edgy enough to indicate trouble, while still maintaining a delicate, feminine look. You can create a more fun, adult-party look by wearing this necklace with an outfit in black leather, pleather or vinyl. Consider bringing a whip along, and maybe even a real pair of handcuffs! Everyone at the party will suddenly be eager to do your bidding and accede to your every demand.

  • Includes: One handcuff necklace.
  • Does not include: Costume or any other accessories.
  • Material: Metal.

Be a real police woman

These small, delicate handcuffs you can wear around your neck are a great costume piece if you want to dress up as a real-life policeman or woman. Simply wear these around your neck, then add a pair of black or navy slacks, matching shirt, and badge, or a ready-made police uniform. To augment your look, you can carry real handcuffs, a baton or even a ticket book so you can write people up for any infractions they may be committing.

You can also use these handcuffs as an accessory piece to dress up like a famous law enforcement officer from history, television or the movies! Some great cops you can dress up like include Anita Van Buren from Law and Order; Nicole Scott from Missing; Julie Barnes from the Mod Squad; Samantha Spade from Without a Trace; or Catherine Willows from CSI.

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