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Handcuff Earrings

Handcuff Earrings


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Stop the bad guys in style!

The Handcuff Earrings accessory adds a cute finish to any Halloween police costume. It's the perfect bling-bling for when you have to go on a sting at your neighborhood costume party. You'll show up "dressed" as a police officer. Little will the criminals know that you're for real. When you yell that they're under arrest and tell them to freeze, they'll be so entranced by these shiny earrings that they will indeed freeze. They'll just stare at your jewelry, and you'll be able to make the arrest with ease. All the folks at the party will give you a round of applause. Even Superman will be calling you a superhero. Tell him thanks, brush your shoulders off, and tap your gorgeous earrings. Then, continue to party, because not only are you a good cop, you also know how to have a blast.

  • Includes: A pair of long dangling silver handcuff earrings.

The Handcuff Earrings accessory is made of metal and easily attaches to the ears. These earrings compliment a sexy police outfit wonderfully. Add in a fake gun, police club, hat, and badge, and you've got a look that's certain to attract attention. Enjoy life as the most adorable police officer in town.

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