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Beetlejuice Makeup Kit

Beetlejuice Makeup Kit


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You'll play the most handsome ghost in town!

Ghosts aren't known for being easy on the eyes, but Beetlejuice sure is, and that's all the more reason to play the lovable trickster this Halloween. With the Beetlejuice Makeup Kit, you'll look the part in no time and be ready to haunt houses, play practical jokes, and flirt with all the ladies in town. Feel free to be a little crude and rude because, you know, that's what Beetlejuice does. Playing this character is going to be an absolute blast, especially since you aren't bound by any rules and can simply let loose.

  • Includes: One Beetlejuice makeup kit.
  • Material: Makeup.
  • Care instructions: Wash face clean with mild soap and warm water.

Beetlejuice throws the best party

Everyone knows that Beetlejuice throws the best parties, so why not host a Halloween costume bash this year? All the guests will be so excited when they see your funny invitation and itinerary, which undoubtedly would include activities such as mimicking people's voices, teleporting, and turning something that bugs you into an insect. Also, be sure to make some Beetlejuice beer for the party -- because word is that it's mighty tasty.

Be Beetlejuice forever

You're going to have so much fun being Beetlejuice that you may be tempted to be him long after Halloween. That's perfectly okay, because folks will enjoy your antics at the supermarket, park, and other public places. After all, how often do you get to see such a famous character?

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