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Batman The Dark Knight Batman Belt Adult

Batman The Dark Knight Batman Belt Adult


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The right tools to take down any rogue are at your fingertips

Criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot, and the tales of the powers of the Batman travel far. He can fly! He can disappear! He can take down enemies without touching them! In a world of Wonder Women and Supermen, the Bat must have some kind of special powers... right? In truth, the Caped Crusader is just a man, Bruce Wayne. Wayne has only one special power, and now, it can be yours: the Batman The Dark Knight Batman Belt Adult. It's not simply that this billionaire playboy is rich enough to afford any toy he'd like. He's spent years equipping this particular arsenal, preparing for every fight against every adversary. He's traveled the globe and learned from the world's greatest teachers about the latest advances in science and the most devastating fighting techniques. Now, with only what he can fit around his waist, he's ready to take down some of the most nefarious rogues Gotham City has ever seen, using nothing but Batarangs, smoke bombs, anti-venoms, detective tools and more.

  • Includes: One belt.

This Batman accessory is a reproduction of the belt worn by Christian Bale in the acclaimed 2008 movie The Dark Knight. It features the same tactical design as in the film, in gold and black and with the Bat-symbol front and center, as if calling on Joker and Two-Face to just try something, if they dare.

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