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Popeye Adult Costume

Popeye Adult Costume


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I fight to the finish 'cause I eat my spinach!

Well, blow me down, it's none other than Popeye! In this colorful Popeye Adult Costume, you'll proudly proclaim, "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man!" Slip on those gigantic forearms, and take on Bluto after he makes one of his goofy advances on Olive Oyl. As Popeye, you're a big strong sailor ready to defend the love of your life, anywhere, at anytime. Don't forget to master those famous words before heading out to the big Halloween party, "I yam what I yam and that's all what I yam."

  • Includes: Oversized anchor tattoo, muscular forearms, red sailor shirt featuring a large, square back collar flap, blue pants and yellow belt. Recommended for Ages 15+.
  • Does Not Include: Shoes.

Prepare for a night of defending Olive Oyl's honor by eating all your spinach. Hate spinach? Don't forget that Popeye was employed to advertise candy cigarettes as well! Popeye may have appeared in comic books as far back as 1929, but in this outfit, you'll look especially young and virile. The bright yellow belt will hold up those bright blue pants, and the red shirt says "sailor". There's also that big anchor tattoo, the envy of every self-respecting sailor.

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