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Billy-Bob Teeth - The Original

Billy-Bob Teeth - The Original


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All the trailer park girls will be swooning over you!

This Halloween, you want to be a lovable hillbilly that's happier than a tornado rolling through a trailer park, so it's advised that you get the Billy-Bob Teeth - The Original to accessorize your look. This fancy looking set of teeth will make you look more sophisticated than big city folk, which is all the more reason to smile like you're a tick on a fat dog. If you want, you can throw a true party with possum meat, backyard moonshine, and all the pickup trucks in town playing country tunes. It's certain to be the talk of the trailer park!

  • Includes: One pair of false teeth.
  • Does not include: Hat with attached hair.
  • Material: Plastic.
  • Care instructions: Spot clean.
  • Dimensions: One-size-fits-most (adults).

The engine's runnin', but who's driving?

Oh, hillbilly wisdom! You'll be able to dish out plenty of that when you're wearing this set of teeth. If someone isn't helping with those Halloween decorations, tell him he's about as useful as the back pocket on a sports jacket. If someone comes up with a dumb idea, tell him he's about two sandwiches short of a picnic. Yeah, you're going to have a good ol' time playing the role of Billy-Bob. Just remember: if everyone is coming at you, you're probably in the wrong lane. Now, hop off to that costume party as quick as a herd of turtles. Billy Jo and Betty Sue are waiting to see your handsome face.

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