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Gingham Basket

Gingham Basket


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What would Little Red Riding Hood be without her trusty basket?

The story of Little Red Riding Hood is as famous as it gets. Use this Gingham Basket accessory to add the finishing touch your Little Miss Riding Hood costume this Halloween. Make sure to visit Grandma with this accessory, who'll be happy to see her little girl wearing the red velvet hood while carrying the cute little basket.You can carry all your favorite cookies, truffle, biscuits and even her favorite flowers for her or your friends. Just make sure you don't be tricked by anyone else along the way! You can even use your cute basket as a purse to carry all your essentials to the costume party.

  • Includes: Woven basket with red gingham lining at zippers at the top.
  • Does Not Include: Costume or any other accessories.

Your basket will not only be a wonderful accessory to add your riding hood costume, but it will also come handy if you come across a mean wolf along the way. Swing your sturdy gingham basket and out goes the scary wolf. Don't forget to tell your story to your grandma; you'll have just saved her from an untimely end!

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