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Jumbo Dollar Sign Necklace

Jumbo Dollar Sign Necklace


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It's all about the bling bling!

Ballin'! That's the best word to describe the Jumbo Dollar Sign Necklace accessory. And when you wear it, you'll be ballin' too. When you hang this chain around your neck, yo' mind will be on yo' money and yo' money on yo' mind. Or, since it's Halloween, it will be candy that's on your mind. Either way, you're going to a Halloween costume party that's going to be off the hook. When you arrive, the other dudes are going to shout, "Look who just showed up!" You'll get the party rocking by throwing dollar bills all over the dance the floor, and you may even pick up the mic and do a freestyle. There's a cutie in jeans that's caught your eye. Go over and say, "What's sup?" After some polite conversation, see if she wants to bounce and get a meal down the road. The night's still young, and you've got more dollar bills to spend.

  • Includes: A gold chain with an oversized dollar bill pendant.

This product can complete all sorts of outfits, including celebrity and hip-hop outfits. You can even wear it casually during other days just to show off your bling.

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