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Spartan Queen Coin Earrings

Spartan Queen Coin Earrings


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"Go back to the Mycenaean age!"

Does everyone fall in love with you? Are you a goddess with impossible demands? If you insist on having others stir your coffee clockwise or keep your room filled with pink roses day after day, then you'll be sure to feel like the most powerful woman in the world when you put on this unique and sparkly Spartan Queen Coin Earrings accessory. Not only will these scintillating earrings give you the power to rule men and conquer their empires, but you'll be quite the bewitching sorceress at your next Halloween costume party or Gladiator fighting event. Everyone will want to hear about your life of adventures! Whether hanging with Odysseus or channeling Helen of Troy, these earrings will bring out the inner goddess that has been hiding in you. Just imagine how much power you'll have when you put on these glittering golden accessories. Don't be surprised when everyone will want to portray you in romantic paintings and movies after seeing your beautifully imperial ensemble. Pair with a toga and a laurel leaf headband - and maybe your own Spartan king - and these earrings will turn you into a mythological being unlike any other.

  • Includes: 2 pierced gold earrings.

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