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Roman Chest Cover Adult

Roman Chest Cover Adult


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Show Off Your Warrior Stuff and Protect Your Chest With This Awesome Roman Chest Cover!

Roman warriors were feared all through Europe--at the height of the Roman empire, they were fierce soldiers, brave and capable of doing anything to protect the glorious pax romana. Now, you too can let loose and be a Roman guard or Roman soldier with this awesome Roman Chest Cover for adults. Made from material that looks exactly like real leather, it will give you that authentic look you really desire while keeping your safe from advancing attacks! It's the perfect thing to complete that all-over look that every soldier needs.

  • Includes: One Roman Chest Cover for adults.
  • Does Not Include helmet, shoes, sword, body cover, arm guards, or leg guards.
  • Materials: Vinyl and polyester

Defender of the Realm!

Trained to fight with spears, clubs, shields and swords, Roman soldiers and Roman gladiators were the spitting image of what it meant to be a hero, someone who never backs down from a challenge, whether that's defending hoards of invaders or facing down lions in the Colosseum. As a Roman soldier, you're sure to make a big hit at the next Halloween party, costume ball, or Nativity re-enactment scene. It is a classic costume that can't go wrong, and with this authentic Roman chest cover, you'll put the finishing touches on for a truly unique look that's sure to draw laughs and approval. Be the hero this year and suit up for fun with this awesome accessory!

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