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Roman Arm Guards Adult

Roman Arm Guards Adult


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Brave and brawny

If you're a person that wants to feel like a brave, broad, bold soldier this year at Halloween or a costume party, then one of the best accessories you can choose is this set of Roman Arm Guards for Adults. The arm guards match the Roman soldier chest piece, tunic, and helmet, and they all come together to make a complete, handsome Roman guard costume. Roman soldiers have long been considered to have been some of the best fighters and the most impressive conquerors of all time. So, if you want to dress up like someone who truly had an impact on history, grab these arm guards; with the rest of the costume pieces, you'll be ready to help build the rest of the great Roman empire.

  • Includes: Two faux leather arm guards
  • Hand wash
  • Does not include tunic, chest piece, or helmet
  • Material: Plastic-PVC

Made from the movies

These faux leather arm guards are a great way to dress up like a Roman soldier, and they can harken back to outstanding warriors of past. However, they're also a great accessory option if you want to create an authentic costume of a character from a movie about Rome or Roman soldiers. If you wear these arm guards, you can look like characters from Gladiator, Ben-Hur, and Spartacus. Be sure to also grab your weapon of choice and you'll have a crowd big enough to fill the Colosseum cheering your name in no time.

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