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Black Light Set

Black Light Set


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Let your party glow!

Creating a tone within any party, especially a Halloween party or costume oriented event, is a great way to make a memorable impression on your guests. Much of this can be done with different types of unique and ornate decorations, but the most important way to set a mood at a party is through the lighting. When you're trying to create a spooky or eerie tone, or make people at a costume party feel like they have entered another dimension, this Black Light Set is an ideal and inexpensive way to make it happen. These black bulbs cast everything in a purple tinted light that will cause different highlights which you usually wouldn't notice. The set is 25 inches in length, meaning it will cast a lot of black light in a small room; and they are cool burning, so they aren't hot to the touch in case some of your clumsier friends bump into them. Best of all, this product is for indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to install them in a room or on a porch without concern that they could short out. The set will also keep working if one of the many bulbs burns out, so that wildly memorable black light mood will continue unabated throughout your party.

  • Includes: 25 black light bulbs, 1 spare fuse, end plug to attach to up to 2 other light sets.

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