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Plush Leprechaun Hat with Beard

Plush Leprechaun Hat with Beard


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Become a trickster with a pot, and heart, of gold!

Every leprechaun has a beard. If you want to look like one this St. Patrick's Day or on Halloween, it's time to get the costume right. The Plush Leprechaun Hat with Beard will help accomplish that, as others will clearly recognize your costume upon first glance. But they won't know about your treasure at the end of a rainbow. Many leprechauns may get by as humble cobblers, but when the time comes for merry ol' time, they know how to have a good laugh. Go out and partake in all the mischief you please. If you get captured, remember you can grant three wishes to the captor, and you'll be set free. Just remember: don't tell any folks at the party the location of your pot of gold.

  • Includes: A cool plush leprechaun hat with beard.
  • Does Not Include: Top.

Donning this hat ( 21"-24" cir.) and beard gives you the look of a true leprechaun. Pair it with a pipe, buckled shoes, and green suit, and you'll truly embody the famous roguish prankster from Irish folklore. If it's Halloween, you can even turn sadistic and be the savage leprechaun from the 1993 film, Leprechaun.

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  • Plush Leprechaun Hat with Beard

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