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Super Sealer Setting Spray

Super Sealer Setting Spray


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If you plan to party all night, your make-up should too

You have spent hours perfecting your zombie Dorothy costume for the Halloween party. Your make-up is an example of undead perfection complete with hollowed out eye sockets, cracking and nearly translucent skin and bloodied lips and neck. The last thing you want to do is take the chance that mid-way through boogying to "The Monster Mash" it all starts to melt away under the lights and the heat of the dance floor. That is why the only way to guarantee that your look stays as fresh as the grave your character crawled out of is to finish it with Super Sealer Setting Spray. This product will keep those vein-y and death-mask make-up effects look as vibrant as when you put them on. After all, you cannot accept your "best costume" award at the end of the night looking anything less than stellar.

  • Includes: One 2-oz. bottle of makeup setting spray.

If you change your mind at the last minute and decide that a glamour queen costume is really more your style, never fear! The setting spray works equally well keeping your foundation, blush and eyeshadows bright and in place even if the festivities roll on well into the night.

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