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Velvet Pirate Hat Adult

Velvet Pirate Hat Adult


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Blimey! So ye want to be a pirate? Ye'll need a hat!

Blow me down! Ye're goin' to be a pirate this Halloween, and ye don't have a hat. Arrr! That's addled. Here ye go bucko. Take the Velvet Pirate Hat (Adult) accessory. Now, ye look like an Old Salt. Well, what be ye waiting for? Hop aboard thee galleon. Grab ye rum, ye cutlass, and yer things. Ye better have a lot of rum, because thar's plenty of time to drink until ye're three sheets to the wind. We'll be exploring the seven seas with some other seadogs. Thar's treasure waiting somewhere for us to plunder. All hand hoay! Sail ho! It's gonna be a long journey. With this hat, the other buccanneers will know ye're one of them. The satin bow, plume of feathers, and gold trimmin' give ye that authentic pirate look. Go prepare the Hempen Halter. Thar's some shark bait pirates on another vessel to handle. Remember: dead men tell no tales.

  • Includes: A black velvet hat with black lace trim, and satin bow. A gold traditional trimming gives this hat an authentic look.

The hat will have ye walkin', speakin', and actin' like a real bucko. Enjoy ye life on the high seas. But do come back sometime, ye hear?

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