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Gas Mask Black Adult

Gas Mask Black Adult


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Don't worry about the biohazard sign!

The Gas Mask (Black) Adult accessory compliments are a range of Halloween costumes wonderfully, from special ops ninja costumes to firefighter outfits. When you slip on this gas mask, all those toxic gases and airborne pollutants aren't going to be a threat. Chlorine gas? That's nothing. Sulfur Mustard? Not a problem. From chemical warfare agents to hazardous particles, you'll be protected -- as long as the rest of your body is adequately covered. Thus, with this mask, you should have the confidence you need to do great things: fight fires, poison evil villains, and destroy viruses. Or you can go out and make beautiful graffiti art all over the city. No matter how you use this gas mask, you'll be ready to handle anything -- in style. And folks will be impressed.

  • Includes: A black faux gas mask with holes for eyes and "three" vents for air.
  • Warning: Allergic reaction to latex may occur.

The Gas Mask (Black) Adult accessory does look very real, but just use it for pretend purposes only this Halloween. It does fit on quite comfortably, so you may find yourself wearing it everywhere. Be careful not to freak people out at the supermarket by wearing this mask; shoppers may think there's an air crisis!

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