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Witch Hat Adult

Witch Hat Adult


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Which witch will wear this perfectly pointy hat?

Black as night, this Witch Hat for adults will dramatically accessorize many a costume. Stir that cauldron full of mysterious, smoking brew while adorned by this authentic-looking headwear. This is a hat that is also great for a saucy sorceress looking to stir up some trouble at the Halloween bash. Just say, "Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble," and use your beguiling ways to a curse on those that cross you. Cast a spell over those unwitting and unsuspecting partygoers, and they will vote your outfit the "best costume" award.

  • Includes: One hat.

Add this tall, pointed witch hat to many an outfit, and be as sassy, sexy, bewitching or captivating as you wish. Become the Wicked Witch of the West, and in a crackling and haunting voice, threaten Dorothy in the mystical, magical land of Oz. It's easy to imagine her saying "My pretty" as she scares the innocent girl swept off to Oz by a tornado sweeping across the Kansas prairie. This classic pointy hat should be on every witch's "must-have" list. Indeed, no self-respecting and well-dressed witch would be caught dead without one! Just jump onto your broom stick and fly into the night!

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