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Jumbo Cave Club

Jumbo Cave Club


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Pile on those brontoburgers

If you've decided to go to the office party, a Halloween party or a cosplay event as Ugh the caveman/cavewoman this year, your fur-covered tunic really isn't enough to complete your Stone Age ensemble. That's where our Jumbo Cave Club comes in. This stylish prehistoric accessory is more than just a weapon, it's caveman bling clocking in at 27 inches long. Your new club will show the whole world that Ugh enjoys the finer things in life and can afford them. You can't afford to pass up on this Mesolithic status symbol -- after all, you don't want the Neanderthals to think you've come down in the world, and you want to make sure to impress that special cave-someone at the party, don't you? Just make sure that you park your dinosaur properly when you show up. Yon't want to get a ticket. Recommended for ages 14+.

  • Includes: Jumbo Club

Very versatile, the Jumbo Cave Club is a great addition to your cavewoman/man costume. But it also works well with other costumes, ranging from rampaging Viking invaders to screaming Orcs bent on destroying and conquering both elves and men. Made of sturdy plastic, it is easily cleaned and will last a long time -- maybe even into the next Ice Age.

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