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White Lace Gloves

White Lace Gloves


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Sophistication, with an edge

An icon from the start, Madonna brought finger-less lace gloves into the mainstream with her hit "Like A Virgin" in 1984. But if you flashback even further, the trend was highly popular amongst the Southern Belle set right along with feminine parasols, corsets, and embroidered handkerchiefs. Lace as a material was a sign of wealth and high social status, so it was highly coveted in society. Flash forward to the present, lace is far more affordable but makes just as much of a visual statement as ever. These delicate White Lace Gloves offer the best of both worlds. They give a sense of refinement and sophistication like the unabashedly feminine ladies of yore, while the finger cut-outs give the gloves a glam rock edge. While very decorative, finger-less gloves are also far more practical than their fully covered counterparts--especially in today's era of smartphones and touch screens.

  • Includes: A pair of white, finger-less lace gloves.

Whether you are putting together a ladylike Southern belle costume for Halloween, dressing up as Madonna circa 1980s for a party, or simply looking to add a unique statement piece for any outfit in your wardrobe, these white lace gloves are a perfect fit.

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