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Black Widow Deluxe Necklace

Black Widow Deluxe Necklace


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A chilling accessory meant to scare!

Though they are helpful out in the wild, the sight of a spider sends shivers down most people's spines. Associated with witchcraft and embraced by "Dracula" and "The Addams Family," creepy spiders have always appeared on the scene to add fear and dread. Even Indiana Jones likes to avoid them. Keeping that in mind, you can think of no better finishing touch to your Halloween witch-y wear than this Black Widow Deluxe Necklace. Known for its poisonous bite and tendency towards eating its mates, even the suggestion of the Black Widow makes people start to look nervously over their shoulders. But not you. Your costume presents a woman in control - a woman who can summon up the power of the spider in order to conjure up the most diabolical of spells and bewitching brews (even when it is just fruit punch).

  • Includes: A black chain with an attached black beaded spider.
  • Does Not Include: Black witch costume.

The beading detail of the spider elevates the look from ornamentation to something more - possibly because every time the light hits the beads they sparkle and shimmer like hundreds of eyes making it impossible to look away.

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