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Mouse Nose

Mouse Nose


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The nose knows!

If you're looking to dress up in a costume that is easy and convenient but at the same time still unique, creative and fun, then you definitely need to wear this Mouse Nose for your next Halloween or costume party. The nose is made to cover your own nose, making it comfortable but still able to create a completely transformative look. It's the easiest way to turn you into a cute, recognizable character. If you want to complete the mouse look, all you need to do is get gray pants, a gray shirt, gray socks and a pair of black shoes to serve as your mouse paws; then, if you don a pair of mouse ears, everyone will immediately recognize you as that little rodent that is adorable and tiny! While technically a mouse nose, you could also use this nose to serve as the nose in a rat costume, as well.

  • Includes: Soft vinyl strap-on mouse nose.
  • Does not include: Costume.
  • Care instructions: Wipe clean.
  • Material: Plastic-PVC.
  • Recommended for ages 4+.

Many mighty mouses!

This mouse nose is a great costume piece because it is easy to put on and a convenient outfit accessory. Plus, there are many mice characters in popular culture that are great choices for your next costume event! If you wear this nose, you can dress up as Jerry from "Tom and Jerry" or Gus, the beloved mouse sidekick of Cinderella. Another character you could dress up as in this nose is Remy from "Ratatouille," even though he is a rat!

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