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Handlebar Moustache- Black

Handlebar Moustache- Black


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Where'd you get that great mustache?

Whatever your party costume may be, from magician to Marx Brother, a mustache is always useful -- and this black Handlebar Mustache accessory is the perfect thing for any number of Halloween or theme-party costumes. Adding this mustache will complete your outfit and give you a finished look, so you can really lose yourself in your character and rediscover the kid inside you.

  • Includes: One mustache, made of human hair and lace.
  • Does not include: Hat or cape.
  • Materials: Synthetic fiber.

It's elementary, Dr. Watson

A mustache can be the perfect accessory to so many wonderful costumes, spanning all sorts of time periods and styles. It can be the finishing touch on an 18th-century English detective, so you can be a real Sherlock Holmes twiddling your mustache between your fingers while solving a case. Or it can cement the look of a wild, rugged Western cowboy, who lives on the range and sleeps out under the stars. Or it can be part of an elaborate disguise, used by international spies to hide their identities while on the job.

The perfect finishing touch

Whether you're putting together an awesome 1980s cop uniform and you need that last detail, or you just want to look like one of the Village People, there are so many wonderful ways to use a fake mustache. Go all out and add this last detail to make your costume complete. Perfect for Halloween parties, costume events or just some daily dress-up, there's no wrong way to wear a mustache!

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