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Gold Roman Chest Plate

Gold Roman Chest Plate


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Protect yourself in battle!

Follow Maximus or any other mythical Roman general into battle, protected by this Gold Roman Chest Plate. You are now a part of the greatest war machine of its day, and coming battles will take you to the farthest reaches of the Roman Empire. Fend off the Saxons' arrows or the sharpened spears of the Visigoths. Take on Hannibal's elephants descending out of the Alps, or imagine the Mongol hordes appearing at the horizon, led by the one and only Attila the Hun. This chest plate is also appropriate for a brave gladiator this Halloween. Don the chest plate in advance of stepping out before the bloodthirsty throngs wildly cheering in the Coliseum, or become a Spartan capably defending your homeland in Ancient Greece. This is a chest plate that declares that you mean business as you arrive at the big bash.

  • Includes: A two-piece chest plate with aged Roman details.

This bronze-toned chest plate has an air of authenticity thanks to the aged-look detailing. Thanks to its front and back sections, you'll be prepared for heathen attackers approaching from any direction. Combine this chest plate with cool accessories like Roman sandals, helmet and shield to complete your look.

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